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internship-calendarWhen is the best time to recruit an intern?  By Sandra Long ">Sandra Long

College students are generally available year round for internships. The summer is the most popular time for students to intern because they don’t have as many conflicts with classwork, sports and jobs. Summer internship recruiting is typically the most intense between January and April. Some companies will recruit in the fall, especially in the financial services or consulting industries. Smaller businesses recruit later, sometimes even in May or early June for a summer internship. Summer internships may or may not be tied to an academic program. Many of them are completely independent. Most summer internships start in early June and finish in early or mid August.

During the school year, however, there are more internships tied to the academic calendar, specific courses or program, and to college credit. Typically for the fall term, the recruiting is in the late spring through July. Fall internships usually start just after Labor Day and conclude before the pre-holiday exam period or Thanksgiving. 

For the spring term which usually starts in late January, the internship recruiting period is in October or November. Spring internship programs usually begin at the end of January and conclude the end of April. Most interns stop their internships about a week before final exams. During the school year, academics always comes first.

There are always college students looking for internships, but you will find a larger pool of candidates the earlier you post your position.

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