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How to find an internship in your hometown

Strudents trying to find local internshipsAre you looking for a local internship? Maybe you go to school out of state and want to work near home for the summer?  You are not alone!

The first thing to do is to check with your college Career Services, no matter where your school is located.  Tap into the alumni in your targeted “local” area.

The other thing to do right away is to begin networking.  Think about the local business, academic, sports and club connections you have currently and how you can expand them.  Have you been an active volunteer?  All of these connections are great sources for local internships or leads to executives that might be hiring an intern.

Think about how you might approach a connection about a possible internship.  Check online to see if internship jobs are currently posted. If they are, you can ask your contacts to help you or advise you.  If they are not posted, ask your contacts if this might be a possibility. Many businesses are interested in having an intern but have not known how to find them or how to recruit. This is not the time to be shy.

A few other notes: Make sure your online presence is very positive and professional.  Consider creating a professional LinkedIn profile. (See blog post) Also make sure you find meaningful work that is strategically aligned for your professional interests. You shouldn’t be just looking for ANY internship. You want to find the RIGHT internship that matches with your professional interests. Make sure your resume and online profiles reflect your goals accurately.

Other places to check:

  • Your neighbors and family friends
  • Your relatives and their friends
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Local business networking or industry groups
  • Your high school friends and connections

** Check online but limit your focus here to about 20% of your time. Put your priority on your school resources and your personal connections.