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Co-ops                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        co-ops

Today, there are 1000‘s of American colleges connected to or promoting cooperative programs and internships. Many more are ramping up or establishing programs. There is also a big range of how the specific schools are connected to employers and what they offer to the students.

Co-ops are paid positions that are a byproduct of a partnership between a student, college and employer. The employer assigns a professional to mentor the student. Most co-ops are full time but some are part time. Some of them are longer term and rotational. For instance, a student may work in three functional departments of one company or in three different companies. All of this depends on the school and how their programs are structured.  Some colleges and universities offer credit for co-ops and others do not, while st

Find out if your school offers either internships or co-ops and how they are defined, since each college is different.