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Virtual Internships                                                                                                                                                    virtual internships

Virtual internships are ones in which the student is working at home or from a dorm room. Students will communicate regularly with employers by telephone, instant messenger, email, Skype, webinar or social media.

There are benefits and drawbacks for college students. The benefits are often flexible work hours, minimal transportation costs, reduced commuting time, and the ability to wear casual attire. This type of flexibility may open the “internship door” for some students who wouldn’t have the chance otherwise due to a rigorous schedule of classes, jobs, sports and activities. The drawbacks could be a lack of supervision, opportunities to network, and learn about the organization and its culture.

Virtual internships originally started with IT and software positions. Now many graphic arts and social media marketing internships are virtual.  They are popular with startup and online businesses.  The emergence of virtual internships reflects the real world reality of online and remote workers nationally. 

If you find one that provides you with great learning opportunities, industry networking and fits your career strategic map, consider doing a virtual internship for one of your college internships.